Entrance Procedures

College Student Visa

A college student visa is used to study for a long period at a Japanese School.

What’s a college student visa?

A college student visa allows for a stay of one year (one year and three months) in Japan in order to study Japanese. It can be extended up to a maximum of two years.

For the course with the goal of progressing on to a college in Japan: When entering in April, a stay for up to two years is possible. When entering in October, a stay up to one and a half years is possible.

For the general course: When entering in January or July, a stay for up to one year is possible. (It is possible to extend your stay up to two years.)

When graduating from TIJS and entering a Japanese college, the college student visa can be renewed.

Application Procedures

In order to obtain a college student visa, certain documents must be submitted to Immigration Bureau of Japan.

Necessary Documents

*In general, the above are the required documents; but based on your nationality or country of residence, different documents may be required.
*Please confirm the details when applying.


*The fee for textbooks used in class is not included in the above.

Working Holiday

For people who already have a working holiday visa, if you change to a college student visa before your working holiday visa expires, you will be able to extend your stay in Japan.

Please come to the school before your working holiday visa expires.

TIJS is able to assist you with the procedures for changing a working holiday visa into a college student visa.