Entrance Procedures

For People Already in Japan / For People with a Short Term Visa

People can enter school with a visa other than a college student visa. It is also possible for people with a short-term visa to take classes.

Prospective Students

Prospective students who already have a visa and are currently living in Japan can start class at any time.

Prospective students with a short-term visa are also able to take classes.

Prospective students with a working-holiday visa are also able to take classes.

Students who already have experience with Japanese will take a placement test before starting class. Students will be placed in the appropriate level based on the results of the test.

In accordance with their schedule, students can opt to study at our school in either the short or long term.

People Who Already Have a Visa (People Already in Japan)

People who already have a visa can start class at any time.

Please come directly to the school. We will give you more information about the school. We can respond to your questions in English, French, Chinese, and Korean.

In order to place you in a class appropriate for your level, we will have you take a written test as well as an interview with a teacher.

In order to make sure that the class fits your needs, you will be able to observe a class that suits your level. Class observation is free, so please feel free to ask about it at any time.

After observing class, you must complete the entrance procedures. Class participation is possible same-day upon enrollment.

People Coming to Japan on a Short-Term Visa

People who plan on coming to Japan on a short-term visa are able to apply to school before coming to Japan.
Please begin the application at least one month before coming to Japan.

Please let us know your desired start date and study length over the phone or through email. We will give you more information about the application procedures.

Please send us the completed application documents. If you need housing while in Japan, please let us know well in advance.

We will inform you of the tuition, and you must transfer the money. Once the transfer has been confirmed, we will issue an entrance permission document.

Upon entering Japan and starting school, you must take a placement test. You will be put into the appropriate class based on the results of the placement test.

Necessary Documents

*We will send you the school application as a PDF file.
*For applicants outside of Japan, please prepare a copy of your passport.
*For people without a Japanese Alien Registration Card, please prepare
   a document that confirms your address.


*Textbook fees are not included in the above fees.

Textbooks used in class can be bought in the school office.

The Class Fees are calculated from the day you start school, so you are able to start at any time during the month.

If you contact the office at least a day in advance, you are able to skip school up to 5 times per month. This will then extend your month time period by up to 5 days.