Counseling for higher educations

We support students who want to go to
Japanese Universities, graduate schools,
and vocational schools.

Teachers give throughout guidance to students

Our experienced teachers carefully help students decide upon a school to which to apply.

The college entrance interview is a very important
when applying to a Japanese college.

Advice for writing essays and a thesis

Both inside and outside of class, we teach you how to write various documents pertaining to entering a university, such as an application essay and thesis.

Private counseling

Following your desired schools, our experienced teachers guide you on which examinations to take, help you practice for interview and essay, and give you advice for all parts of the application process.


Students with good grades and attendance rates will be able to receive a written recommendation from our school.

Information about a large number of schools

We have many books about many different colleges in Japan.

Application and brochures and guidebooks

We have many application brochures and guidebooks for colleges all over Japan.

Files of past entrance exam questions for universities and entrance application essay themes

You can look through past Japanese exam questions and entrance application essay themes.

Lists related to the results of EJU and entrance exams

We have a list where you can see the EJU scores needed to enter different universities. Data from alumni has been used to create these lists.

A list of students who went to graduated schools in the past

Making contact with a professor is important to enter graduate schools. You can ask seniors about the information of professors at the graduate schools which you want to enter.

Previous students’ experiences with the college entrance process

We provide you with concrete information about the entrance process (interview questions, test themes, essay themes, etc) taken from previous students who went through the process.

Guidance for entering college

We provide you with the necessary information for taking the entrance exam for your desired college.

Timeline to Entering College


*1:You may be placed into the Intermediate or Advanced class based on the result of the placement test.
*2:Other culture classes will be held throughout the year.
*3:The application deadline will be different for each college. Please check the details in the College Corner in TIJS. (There are also some graduate schools which can be entered in the Fall as well as the Spring.)
*4:Students who are accepted into college have the possibility of graduating from TIJS early.

Preparation for many types of tests

There are practices for the JLPT and EJU during class that uses questions from past tests. There are also special lessons for students that want to really focus on these tests.
-> For more information on these special lessons, please click here.

Actual College Acceptance Results

Scholarship System

Students who have excellent grades and attendance rates have the possibility of receiving a scholarship.

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