Long Term Course

College Advancement Class

This course is for the purpose of continuing on to college or graduate school in Japan.

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1. This course develops the vocabulary and grammar needed for moving on to college in Japan.
2. There are special classes held before the two tests that review questions from past tests.

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1. In order to get into the school of your choice, we provide overall guidance throughout the application process, and specific guidance just for you.
2. We help with correcting entrance essays, creating necessary materials, and practicing for entrance interviews.

Curriculum and Level


This is a course for mastering everyday conversation while in Japan.

Upon completion of the beginner level, students proceed to expand their vocabulary and cultivate grammatical skills with an eye towards passage of Japanese Language Proficiency Test levels N1, N2, and N3.

Students who already have experience in Japanese can start anytime.
When arriving at school, we will administer a level check. You will be put into a class according to your level.

You can study for long-term or short-term.

You can pay the tuition fee monthly. (Except students who have a college student visa)

料 金

*Text books must be purchased separately.

Text books used for class can be purchased in the office.

The Class Fees are calculated from the day you start school, so you are able to start at any time during the month.

If you contact the office at least a day in advance, you are able to skip school up to 5 times per month. This will then extend your month time period by up to 5 days.